Green Building & Remodeling

Since we opened our doors, GuyCo Homes & Remodeling has been dedicated to producing the highest-quality renovations for our clients.


As best practices evolved over the past decade, our commitment to building durable, sustainable structures has led to us using what have come to be known as environmentally conscious materials and practices.

With more experience building to green-construction standards, the area’s foremost green-building expert is on your team. GuyCo is as committed as ever to making a positive impact on our environment.

As studies show that retrofitting existing homes with energy-efficient features is four-to-eight times more effective than incremental improvements to newly constructed homes. We are pleased to be able to draw on our experience and expertise to help educate homeowners and industry professionals on the benefits of green building and remodeling.


Home Energy Audit

How is my house performing?
Should I insulate, air seal or change my windows?
What should I improve first?
Will my house be healthy after improvements?

A professional Home Energy Audit is the best way to get answers to these and other questions pertaining to the energy efficiency and safety of your home.

A professional home energy auditor, who is well trained can help you to determine how best to improve your home’s efficiency. After performing a few tests and taking careful measurements, an auditor can advise you on the most effective improvements while ensuring the safety of your home and family.

At GuyCo, we believe a proper energy audit is an important step when planning any project.


Valuable green-building resources

Green Guidelines

ENERGY STAR – Group of efficiency tools and rating systems
REGREEN – Green strategies for your renovation project
National Green Building Standard – Rating system
LEED – USGBC’s new home rating system


Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR Home Advisor – recommended home improvement projects to increase energy efficiency and comfort in your specific area


Indoor Air Quality

EPA Radon-Resistant New Construction – details, techniques and benefits of radon-resistant construction


energy_star-180x73Tax Credits, Rebates and Other Incentives

Federal Programs – information on Federal tax credits for energy efficiency