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5 Ways to Make Your New Home More Luxurious

When you move into a new house, it’s only natural to invest in changes that make it feel like your own. For those who take pride in a luxurious home, there are a few easy ways to make it look like a million bucks.

Make your home more luxurious with these beautiful design and renovation tips.

1. Invest in a home addition

Moving into a new home can be a challenging endeavor, especially when your floor plan doesn’t match the vision you have for your house. The easiest way to craft the home of your dreams is by relying on a quality remodeling contractor to give you the space you need. A simple home addition will typically take 12 weeks to complete, but keep in mind that a larger project can take up to nine months. Regardless, a custom home builder will ascertain you get the layout you love.

2. Rehaul your bathroom

A small bathroom is not welcome in a luxurious home. In your effort to craft an elegant, comfortable space, you need a bathroom that promotes relaxation. Here are some of the most desirable features for your luxury bathroom:

    • A high-end tub with massaging jets for spa nights
    • A double vanity mirror to give you and your partner all the space you need
    • A large closet within your bathroom
    • A water-saving, eco-friendly toilet


Talk to your custom home builders about what bathroom features will work for your master bath.

3. High ceilings

One of the most overlooked features in a luxury home are tall ceilings. After all, your eyes are more often drawn to gorgeous artwork and the beautiful floors. But high ceilings are a great way to exude a luxurious aura without cluttering up your home. In fact, high ceilings will open up your space, making it seem larger and drawing your eye up. This can be an expensive endeavor, but one that’s worth talking over with your luxury home builder.

4. Mess with metals

Brass and copper features are all the rage this year. Whether you’re installing metallic features in your luxury kitchen or accenting your living room with copper adornments, this simple addition makes your home look beautiful with minimal effort.

5. Utilize every room

Everyone loves a room that does double-duty. If you’re utilizing your attic or basement solely for storage, you’re missing out on a great opportunity for a guest bedroom or den area. When you want to invest in home remodeling consulting services, rely on the custom home builders you can trust: GuyCo Homes and Remodeling.

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