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Our Goal

We combine functional, state-of-the-art designs with superior materials, and quality craftsmanship with professional trade partners to create the best possible product for our customers.

The Guy Corporation has raised the bar on home building and remodeling standards.

We currently have five divisions that operate under Guy Corporation; GuyCo Homes, Remodeling, Commercial, Consulting, and Realty.

Our History

Jon Guy, GuyCo’s president, founded the Guy Corporation in 2003. Jon has been in the custom home-building industry for over 35 years.

He served as vice president for one of Indiana’s top five home builders before starting GuyCo. We are proud recipients of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Awards.

A Letter from Our President

When the Guy Corporation was founded on July 1st, 2003, it was started with my vision of ‘Honor and Integrity’. Do unto others as you wish done to yourself. This is the philosophy by which GuyCo operates every day. I want my employees and trade partners to work hard, do the right thing, tell the truth, and deliver the best every single day. This is the reason for the company’s existence, to help the customer get what they deserve. Be confident that the company you have chosen has your best interests as its top priority.

So often in this industry, you hear, “It’s up to code” or “The customer did not say anything about the work performed”. Unfortunately, both are excuses; the code is the minimum you must perform by, and if the customer knew the difference between right and wrong in the industry, then I would doubt they needed our services. As GuyCo has grown, there have been more divisions added to service different areas of our industry. We currently have five divisions, and they all operate under the Guy Corporation; GuyCo Homes, GuyCo Remodeling, Commercial, Consulting, and Realty.

The Guy Corporation is a one-stop shop for anything related to the construction industry. We help guide clients in the best possible direction for their wants and needs. GuyCo has raised the bar on Custom Home Building and Remodeling.

Jon Guy

President, The Guy Corporation

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Our Team

The Guy Corporation is a team of highly tenacious perfectionists. Thanks to our passion for what we do, every member of our team strives to look out for our client’s wants and needs. We don’t only deliver, but we also hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability that you, as our client, could imagine.

Our exceptional work and attention to detail have been the subject of countless media articles and TV coverage. Our customer service is continuously awarded year after year as one of the best in the industry. But at the end of the day, what drives us forward and the reason we come to work every day is for our clients and providing them with homes that they’ve always dreamed of.

Jon Guy

President, Sales Consultant

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The first thing I did when I started The Guy Corporation was to trademark our mission statement. The reason was simple. I wanted all of our employees to know our mission and corporate culture so that they could do the right thing every day and look out for our clients’ best interests. The construction industry is one of the worst industries when it comes to regulations. There are none. Building codes are the bare minimum the industry must follow. You can only count on the integrity of the person you do business with, and at The Guy Corporation, we will assure you that our employees will not let you down. We have raised the bar on home building and remodeling.

Melissa Guy

Sales/Design Consultant

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Our expertise in construction and design, combined with over 40 years of experience, enables us to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Desires have limits, and GuyCo has no limit to the extent of perfection. We build relationships with our Clients through every project that will last for many generations. Relationships that flourish based on ever-growing trust and confidence. Our Clients can trust us to always look out for their best interests when it comes to their home and its integrity. And they also have confidence knowing GuyCo will always deliver!

Plus, they can always depend on me to guide them in the right direction. I want your project to go well just as much as you do so GuyCo can prove that our results will be outworked by no one.

Dylan Guy

Dylan Guy


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Growing up alongside The Guy Corporation has been an invaluable experience, shaping both my character and my aspirations. From a young age, I witnessed firsthand the dedication, passion, and hard work required to build and sustain a successful enterprise. Now, as the next generation, I am honored to join the ranks and contribute my own skills and fresh perspective to our family’s legacy. With deep respect for the foundation laid before me, I embrace the opportunity to carry the torch forward, preserving our values of honor and integrity while innovating for the future. Together, we will forge new paths and ensure our beloved customers’ dreams are brought to life.


How long does it take to build a home?

While small homes and additions take approximately 12 weeks to complete, larger projects often take 3–9 months. Custom-design homes and whole-home remodels may require up to a year or more, depending on their specifications.

Can I make changes to one of your pre-designed homes?

Absolutely! Our pre-designed home plans can be modified to add extra square footage, additions, porches, garages, and basements, or we can create your own. It’s a very simple process.

How do I start planning my custom home or remodel?

It’s simple. You can email us at: info@guycohomes.com or call us at 317.272.2236 to set up a consultation with a GuyCo sales consultant. We will help guide you toward your dream. Allow about 30 days of planning and design for kitchens, bathrooms, and additions. For whole home remodels, allow about 3 months of planning and design. For custom homes, allow about 60 to 90 days for planning and design. And please remember that the upfront work in any construction project determines the overall experience of the project.

Will I recoup my investment in a remodel?

Absolutely! Customers like properties that are fresh and current with updated products and styles.

Is there a standard to use while calculating the building costs of my home?

No. Each home is unique and has different associated costs. The only homes whose building costs can be standardized are production homes.

Do you use green products?

Yes. We use Eco Batt for insulation and other products like SmartStrand carpets and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints. If you have any other questions you would like answered, email us at info@guycohomes.com.

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My husband and I have experience with many construction projects (new home build and remodels), and can confidently say that GuyCo is the best company that we’ve ever worked with. In fact, if there were better ratings than A, we would have selected those. All plans and costs were presented in writing with great detail. We were clear on all costs up-front. Jon’s team continued to display the same level of reliability and professionalism throughout the construction phase. His teams showed up on time, treated our home and land with great care, and answered any and all questions we had. If you’re anything like us, you simply want to know that your builder cares as much about your home and project as you do. GuyCo is now our builder of choice for life!

Mr. and Mrs. Yount

I would highly recommend GuyCo if you are considering building or remodeling. Their level of dedication is unmatched in the industry. We started a project knowing that our house needed work but not to the level that was discovered. The house was completely rebuilt from the wiring up. There was inadequate lighting, wiring problems, along with a number of other challenges. However, the project was exciting and fun! We were excited to watch the progress every day and we were not disappointed! We now have a beautiful house that I look forward to living in each day.

We recommend GuyCo for your next building adventure! One thing he said to us… “I have one thing that I must insist on… If something is completed unsatisfactorily, you MUST allow me to come back in and redo it…” I couldn’t disagree with that and I know that this is not just verbal skills. I would trust them to do just that.

The Huffords

It has been a real pleasure working with GuyCo. Not only did our home addition turn out to be beautiful, it is an extremely functional space for our family. I feel confident that we would not have been able to attain the level of beauty, craftsmanship, and efficiency in our home with any other builder. We couldn’t be happier with the process or with the work that was done!

Mr. and Mrs. Martin

Jon, thank you, thank you! We love the sunroom and are having so many good times already with our family. We’re so lucky to be working with you, Chad and Andrea. Thank you so much for getting it finished in time for Thanksgiving. Again, we love it! Hope your holiday was wonderful.

Mrs. Lykens