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Consult with our expert designers and consultants before you start any new home construction or remodeling project.

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Not Just Any Contractor,
Choose Certified “Master Builder”

Why choose just any ol’ contractor when you can have your project built by a certified “Master Builder”?

At GuyCo, we help you decide which direction is best for you and your family. Whether you’re considering building or remodeling, our knowledge will help you make the correct decisions for your investment and family. The Guy Corporation specializes in the step-by-step design of multi-stage projects to ensure that you end up with the finished product you had envisioned. Working with GuyCo Consulting Services guarantees access to the latest industry knowledge, enabling you to make informed decisions. Most companies simply cannot provide you with this type of service.

With so many choices out there, what do you do? Do I choose this faucet or that countertop? Do I want wood floors or ceramic tiles? What insulation or heating system will work best for me and my family? What type of siding is best, brick, stone, wood, or stucco? Don’t worry, we will go over every detail together.

Call today at 317.272.2236 to schedule an appointment with a GuyCo Consultant and start bringing your dreams to life.

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