We are excited to share with you that we are featured in Indianapolis Monthly! Read on to learn what makes The Guy Corporation the best remodeling company in Indiana.

About The Guy Corporation

Jon Guy started The Guy Corporation in 2003 after more than 20 years of hands-on experience with construction, design, and real estate. The Guy Corporation brings all these three fields together as it builds custom homes, does remodeling for existing homes, and offers consulting services on top of that.

When you partner with The Guy Corporation, you get three services from one provider. Why does it matter? The design-build approach is gaining momentum. We embrace it to help you alleviate the headache of having to deal with multiple contractors.

It is helpful to partner with remodeling experts who not only offer aesthetically pleasing options but also leverage their expertise as builders. We can not only help you choose the right faucets and countertops, but we can also recommend what insulation would work best for your kitchen.

Our Values

When it comes to home remodeling, safety is key. Building codes in Indiana are buried under tons of legislation, which doesn’t cover all the nuances that may arise during any particular remodel. The integrity of the contractor you hire is pivotal to ensuring the success of a remodel.

The Guy Corporation has years of experience with building homes. We know what it means to design a safe mechanical room where to keep your furnace or water heater tank. Making sure that your home adheres to the building codes in terms of fire, life, and safety is our priority.

Since we are dedicated to serving our community in Indianapolis, Indiana, we stand behind the integrity of every project we undertake. Therefore, we offer a two-year warranty, which is unprecedented in Indiana. This means that if there are defects in the remodel, we have you fully covered. The defects don’t happen often, though, as you can tell after reading our testimonials.

Along with integrity, we also focus on sustainability. With more than two decades of experience, we always make it our priority to stay current with new trends and research. For example, year after year, climate change is becoming an increasing existential threat to humanity. That is why we offer green remodeling services.

Specifically, we are proud to offer Home Energy Audits where our experts guide you through the changes you could make to your home to improve its energy efficiency. We are the experts in green guidelines, including the following major ones:

  • Energy Star
  • Regreen
  • National Green Building Standard
  • LEED

We know that the costs of remodels may be prohibitive to some homeowners in Indiana, which is why we are also happy to direct you to any applicable federal programs through which you could get tax credits or rebates for energy-efficient remodels.

The Guy Corporation is proud to have served our community in Indiana for over 20 years. We look forward to embracing new building and remodeling trends. Contact us today.

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