According to recent studies, outfitting older homes with more energy efficient features, such as new windows and insulation, is up to eight times more efficient than making small improvements to new homes.

If you’re looking for ways to renovate and remodel your home for energy efficiency, then home remodeling consulting services and remodeling contractors can help you make informed decisions relating to home remodeling. Read on to learn about some of the renovations recommended by home remodeling consulting services that will not only improve energy efficiency but will also improve the property value of your home.

New Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows reduce energy costs by eliminating the need to overcompensate for air leakage. The potential for savings during heating season range from 11% to 24% and the potential for savings in climates that mainly require a cooling range from 7% to 31% or more.

Cold glass creates uncomfortable drafts. In homes with drafty old windows, it isn’t uncommon for condensation buildup to turn to frost. In turn, air next to the windows cools and drops to the floor creating a circulation pattern that makes homes feel drafty, thus increasing heat loss and higher energy costs for your home. New energy efficient windows also repel the condensation that causes frost to build up on windows, meaning that less money is lost on the cost of heating your home.

HVAC Ducts in Heated Areas

In many older homes, and even in some modern homes, HVAC ducts lie in areas of the home that are unheated, such as the in the basement or the attic. Home remodeling consulting services recommend installing new ducts in heated or cooled areas will allow the HVAC system to work less to heat or cool the home, increasing the energy efficiency of your home, thereby reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

New Energy Efficient Roofing and Insulation

Heat rises. This is a simple fact of science. In homes, this upward motion of warm air can account for as much as 25% of a home’s total heat loss. That heat loss is money leaking out through the literal cracks between your house’s beams and roofing. The best ways to prevent heat loss is by insulating the ceiling in the loft cavity and by replacing roofing materials.

In addition to loft insulation, roofing materials such as shingles only last so long. According to the NAHB, slate, copper and tile roofs can last more than 50 years. On the other hand, wood shake roofs can last about 30 years while fiber cement shingles last about 25 years. Asphalt shingle/composition roofs, which are among some of the most popular roofing options, will only last about 20 years. Replacing old shingles with newer more energy efficient ones will provide further energy efficiency by sealing any gaps or cracks where heat might be escaping and cold air may be getting in.

Investing in these renovations can save you a pretty penny on the cost of heating and cooling your home year round. Better yet, these are just a few of the energy efficient renovations that will also increase your property value. Other improvements include new doors, wall insulation, basement sealing, and more. For more information on home remodeling and renovation, contact GuyCo Homes and Remodeling today and inquire about our expert home remodeling consulting services.

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