The median size of a one-family home is around 2,386 square feet; that’s a lot of space to transform during a home remodel. Whether you want a complete overhaul of that entire space or you just want to update the kitchen, you know it’s very important to find the best remodeling contractors for the job.

For all of your luxury home remodeling needs, keep reading to learn how to choose the best remodeling contractors for your home project.

Get Recommendations

To begin compiling your list of quality contractors, you could begin asking your homeowner friends for recommendations. Then, search online for the kind of remodeling contractors you need in your area. If you reach a dead-end, you can always ask people on social media for local recommendations.

Trustworthy contractors make it easy for people to get in touch with them through their website, social media pages, and reviews on business sites like Yelp. If you can’t find this basic information for a contractor, it’s a sign that they may not be a good option.

Compare Portfolios

You need to select remodeling contractors who specialize in the kind of work you want to be done. Before you make a deal with any contractor, you should ask for pictures of work they’ve done to see if it matches up with what you have in mind. Ideally, they will have a website where you can see their portfolio, including clear images from both before and after the remodel.

Keep in mind that only a contractor’s best work goes into their portfolio. If their portfolio projects don’t quite meet your standards, their average work is likely to be even worse.

Ask About Licensing and Certifications

By now, you’ll have a few contractors to consider. Next, you need to ask these contractors for their licensing and certification information. You should call the licensing division for your state or county to find out what the certification requirements are required for your kind of project.

You should also make sure that any contractor you consider has liability insurance. This will help protect you in the event there’s any accidental damage to your home. Ask for a copy of their insurance policies to ensure they’re up to date.

Check Out References

A good contractor may have a list of 10 or more past jobs ready to share with you. The list should have the dates that the jobs were started and completed, as well as the address and telephone numbers of the clients. If dates for the projects aren’t included on the list, you should ask for them specifically.

Don’t hesitate to call some of the most recent references and ask them about the contractor’s services. Here are some common questions you might want to ask:

  • – If the contractor stayed on schedule
  • – Whether the work site was kept neat and organized
  • – How problems were addressed when they arose
  • – If the cost was worth it in the end


You should take detailed notes during this call to look back on later. If there are significant time gaps between references, you should ask the contractor about why these gaps occurred. It could simply mean the contractor was taking time off or recovering from an illness or injury, but you should ask to make sure.

Hire a Contractor

Now that you’ve officially vetted your options, you’re ready to hire a great remodeling contractor. Remember that your goal isn’t to hire the cheapest contractor: it’s to hire the best one for your project. when you’re ready to transform your home, rely on the experience and service of GuyCo Homes and Remodeling.

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