Making the decision to move can be a daunting task, even for those individuals who love to travel. After all, making a new place feel like home takes time and plenty of effort. Luckily, making a new house feel like home is easier than you think. When you’re ready to invest in the quality real estate Hamilton County offers, rely on these top tips to feel more comfortable:

Keep it cozy

A new house can feel daunting and imposing before you add the finishing touches. Once your furniture is set up, try adorning these surfaces with cozy blankets, warm lighting, and aromatic candles to feel more welcome. There’s nothing better than sinking into the warmth of a good blanket after a long day spent unpacking.

Hang some photos

There’s nothing worse for a home than a blank wall. Even minimalist designers will often fill bank spaces with shelves and modern art. If you’re feeling the pressure of the four walls around you, break up this monotony with some of your favorite photos.

Hanging reminders of family and friends can help you feel more comfortable in a new space. Before you lay out the rug and start constructing new furniture, be sure to hang some photos to remind you about the people you love, even if they’re a little further away after your big move.

Build your home from scratch

One of the primary reasons people feel uncomfortable in a new home is because someone else once lived there. If you can’t shake the idea that a place truly isn’t your own because someone lived here before you, constructing your own home is a great choice.

This might seem like an imposing task but more than 840,000 single-family homes were constructed in 2018 alone. When you design your own home with the help of luxury custom home builders, you can feel confident knowing that you’ll get exactly what you pay for. That includes the gorgeous bay windows you’ve always wanted and the attic for extra storage space. Everything from the floor to the ceiling will be customized with your specifications in mind. The best way to make a new house feel like home is to build it yourself.

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